unforeseen issues

This weekend has me thoughtful. I was supposed to go to Chiraddikulam and Kakkiyankulam yesterday for the Sarvodaya workshop, but on Saturday morning, literally as I was packing to leave, Sunela Jayewardene, the head Trustee of Citizens Initiative,  called me to say that the brigadier of the overseeing unit had just called to say he wasn’t actually sure if he could provide transport for the Kakkiyankulam villagers for the workshops, despite having confirmed during the week that he could, and had been enthusiastic about doing the same for the cricket workshops. It’s interesting (if frustrating) to learn how people will put spanners in the works if what you are doing is not in their interest. Sunela has decided to tell him that if he can’t provide a promise to us in writing that he can indeed provide transport as promised earlier for not only the cricket workshops but also the other programmes as well, then we will have to regretfully also call the cricket workshops off, since we can’t afford to travel all the way to the north only to discover that we can’t actually do the programmes we have planned (we hope this will compel him not to do last-minute things to us like this, since he seems to really want to be able to share the limelight with the cricketers). I foresee, however, that after a few months into the cricket workshops, when it’s just about the kids and not about national cricketers, that he might start be flaky again. Citizens Initiative is having a meeting tomorrow, and we’ll discuss all these issues at the meeting.

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