BOQ translation=more hiccups (and CI meeting)

Community centre costing

The link above is an excel spreadsheet I created based on a translation I received from one of my friends from school. Some items are somewhat confusing, however, like the “baskets of cement”. Also, we discovered that the costing only contains rates for certain necessities, and does not contain a full costing. I guess this is what happens when you’re working in multiple languages! At today’s CI meeting:
We discussed the hilarity of the community centre quotation and the need for a more professional estimate of how much this will cost. We will speak to SIEM, the construction company with whom Sunela works, to try to get this done.
We will be going ahead with the Sarvodaya programmes for Chiraddikulam and Kakkaiyankulam, with an emphasis on Food Technology, Handicrafts and Chemical-Free Home Gardening; Ameena will speak to Nalinda and Udaya to discuss precisely which handicrafts and foods will be addressed and get a costing for the handicrafts.
There is only one volunteer for the medical camps so far – things are not looking good for a November camp. I will speak to the psychiatrist in Vavuniya’s whose contacts I was able to get, and see how that pans out.
We will also be going with Caryll’s contact, Wisdom Solar, for the solar lighting in Chiraddikulam.

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