and on a lighter note…

Today I called Mr Farhan, the principal of the school at Kakkaiyankulam, to confirm that I’ll be coming in on Monday to do the first workshop. His dial tone is Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream!Throughout the call I was like whaaaaaat whaaaaaaaat whaaaaaaat, and now I’m itching to ask him where he heard this song and if he likes it.
So far trip prep is going really well. Mr Kanapathy of marshmallow-pudding Thai Hotel (a really nice gentleman, btw!) just told me the guest house has a van that can be at my disposal. Rs.5500 a day! (Translation: about $45) AND he’s going to pick me up from the Vavuniya station (test-riding the train from Fort to Vavuniya, I’m both slightly nervous and ridiculously excited!) but I think he is really befuddled that a small girl is travelling all alone to Vavuniya to carry out some theatre workshops for children. He may just put that down to crazy Colombo city people having all these unnecessary notions about independence, but he will be too well-bred to show any surprise.

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