BB8: an unexpected obstacle

A bit of a disappointing dot comma to our workshops – an overflowing river prevents us from reaching Chiraddikulam, and I’m grateful for having Irfadha and Minks around to make the day a lot more cheerful and optimistic than it would have otherwise! Until next time.

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BB7: plays and playtime

This week I was joined by Irfadha and Minky, and we continued to work on putting both plays on their feet – while also giving the kids some time to play both inside and out, despite the rain!

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BB4: surprise success

Despite more communication break-downs, I thought this workshop was incredibly fun. I’m particularly proud of quiet little Loheswari, who channelled her inner stern-maths-teacher, and all my naughty Kakkaiyankulam boys (Fausan, Akkar, Hafrath, Ijas) who were all committed to bringing thoughtful characterisations to the “stage”.

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