Building Bridges works to foster sustained dialogue in communities around the island. We are currently working on two long-term projects:

Mattakkuliya, 2017
We are running a three-month visual arts workshop series for 60 ethnically diverse middle-school students of St. John’s School and St. John’s Vidyalaya. The series will teach students the basics of 2D and 3D art, as well as important skills in communication and collaboration. The series will include field trips and a final exhibition in April. We hope to continue working with other students in the school in future. We are grateful to the Music Project for their generosity and support in carrying out this project.

Kakkaiyankulam (Mannar District) and Chiraddikulam (Mullaitivu District), 2012-present
This was our first project, using theatre to bring the ethnically diverse children of these recently rehabilitated communities together in sustained dialogue, building understanding and trust.

We have also engaged in shorter projects in the following places:

Kurunegala, 2016
We conducted a three-day workshop in collaboration with the Music Project.

Mannar, 2016
We conducted a weekend workshop in collaboration with OPEnE Hub.

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