building bridges through language

This is not a tuition class! In fact, we abhor the method of rote-learning, and our aim is to teach the island’s link languages in ways that are practical and fun – the best way to make lessons stick! Here are some of the methods we use to engage the children:

  • Indoor and outdoor games – adapted versions of the Dog and the Bone, Twister, Fruit Bowl, relay races, and other unusual games
  • Role-playing games  – a day at the market, the bus stop, the school, and more, to engage in real-life conversation
  • Outings and journeys – children walk through the field, school, or other environment they are learning in to observe their surroundings and learn more
  • Fun and friendly competitions and quizzes
  • Special segments during the lesson to teach methods of learning like mind-mapping, mnemonic games, and more

Our current syllabus caters to children in the Middle School (age 12-15), but can be tweaked to suit other age groups. If you would like to know more about our teaching methods, syllabi, and availability to conduct a workshop in your area, please let us know!

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