Building Bridges conducts drama and visual arts workshops for school-children. Our workshops build the following skills:

  • Self-expression through drama games, drawing/sculptural art, and creative writing
  • A basic understanding of the craft of acting
  • Exposure to different ethnic and religious groups, and the opportunity to interact and engage in sustained  dialogue
  • Team-building through indoor and outdoor games

Our projects work best when undertaken over a 10-week period or longer, but if you would like to engage us in conducting shorter workshops, get in touch with us and we’ll tailor a workshop series to suit your needs.


If you would like to hear more about our  approach to fostering sustained dialogue among Sri Lanka’s youth, we are extremely excited about sharing our stories on:

    • The work that we do through Building Bridges
    • Our journey thus far (including meeting HM Queen Elizabeth II in 2016!)
    • Our vision for the future

We hope to inspire other young people in taking action and making a positive difference. Please contact us if you would like to help us share our story.

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