The remainder of the  Building Bridges Project workshops will be conducted on the following days:

BBW3: Wed 10th October
BBW4: Sunday 14th October
BBW5: Saturday 20th October
BBW6: Sunday 21th October
BBW7: Saturday 27th October
BBW8: Sunday 28th October
BBW9: Monday 29th October
Final Performance I: Saturday 3rd November
Final Performance II: Sunday 4th November

The programme for BBW3 is as follows:
3.15-3.30pm: Team Building Exercise: Ball Relay
3.30-3.45pm: Attentiveness/Groupwork: Walk-stop-group game
3.45-4.00pm: Group emotion
4.00-4.30pm: Charades
Tea break
4.45-5.00pm: Improvisation: Complete the image
5.00-5.15pm: Groupwork: Sound Machine
5.15-5.30pm: People-Shelter-Storm (if we have multiples of 3) OR Dog and the Bone

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