Here are some of the expenses incurred each week, in USD. Small donations can go a long way in offsetting these expenses:

  • 50c: 1 bottle of water-based glue OR 1 pair of scissors
  • $1: 12 lead pencils for weekly writing exercises OR 10 erasers OR 10 sharpeners OR 1 storybook OR 1 bottle of binder gum
  • $2: 50 sheets of foolscap (ruled writing paper)
  • $5: 50 sheets of A1 drawing paper OR workshop translator’s fee OR snacks and juice for 10 children (Chiraddikulam)
  • $10: roundtrip train ticket OR translating + correcting fee for 40 essays
  • $15: snacks and juice for 30 children (Kakkaiyankulam)
  • $20: snacks and juice for 40 children (Chiraddikulam + Kakkaiyankulam)
  • $80: rental van fee per day

Any support is greatly appreciated – as you can see, even a little can go a very long way! However, if you would like to support us in our goal of becoming a sustainable initiative with workshops around the island, please consider working with us as a project sponsor.

You can donate via PayPal very soon! For now, contact the Building Bridges Project if you would like to make a contribution.

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